Da JuicEs of uTanks

It all began over 10 years ago when 4 Battlefield greats decided to start a new badass secret team. As one of the original Desert teams, they stormed onto the scene and made an immediate impact. Within a month, co-founder madmike AKA LemoN JuicE had shinered and broken into the year old Desert top ten. Tournaments almost always featured a JuicE, usually a JuicE cup at that, and within a month they had swept all 3 cups from a single tournament which was a very rare occurance for a team to do, especially at this point in time. After only a few months of activity, an interview was requested from the Legendary JoeBeta. One of the original founders gave it here. Within a year or so's time the team started to die out as a lot of the original members, founders included, became very inactive in the game itself.

Over 6 years later, in November 2007, two original founders in crusher and Viper Katzman teamed up with Crazy Maze legend ZuB zEr0 to ressurect the team. Desert had died off a bit at the time with not very many active teams. The Special Operations were around of course, but weren't too active as there wasn't much competition from rival teams. As we made our presence felt on the field, the OPz slowly returned to the sand pit to bring the fight to us. We had many fun-filled memorable battles with them that will not be forgotten. Just over 2 months into our return we pull off the rare triple shiner as ApplE, CarroT, and LemoN all shiny up together:

With the introduction of White Sands to uTanks, we thought it was only fitting to bring the team back one last time. As in all eras of our existence, we are secret team that tries to stay out of forum drama. As with all secret teams, members will slowly be revealed over time for one reason or another. We aim to let our play on the field speak for itself. We play legitimate, take every raid thrown at us, and don't belittle others for their poor playing styles, as we feel it speaks for itself. We look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.